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Is stage 8 ever going to appear ?????

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Is stage 8 ever going to appear ?????

Post by spincycleus on Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:58 pm

Hi guys, im new to the forums, and had a stroke 3 years ago, so please excuse me if im double posting, but my game has said its getting ready for stage 8 for like 3 days now, and i just keep playing and the bosses come up that you get 10 and 20 "credits" for (I cant remember the right name for the units). But i never go up to Stage 8, and in World 4, i've been there for like 2 months now and it wont unlock, it keeps saying new world coming. Is that possible ??? please, please reply


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Re: Is stage 8 ever going to appear ?????

Post by ynot563 on Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:27 pm

I should start making a frequent question's begginers ask a lot thread lol.. its suppose to be like that. In crackdown events they lock the stages, in drop em events they lock the primers and in arena events they lock the floors. They do it to make more money by capping players for a limited time so that they can unlock it later in the event and ppl will feel the need to buy their money items to get the suit because they have a certain amount of days left to finish.

For example(this is just a exaggeration by no means they give you 3 days lol): stage 8 is locked now you still have 13 days left to get the suits i believe. Your like i can still make it. They unlock it and you now only have 3 days to get the suit. Then you're like O CRAP I WANT THAT SUIT BUT I CANT MAKE IT IN 3 DAYS?!?!? *looks at premium store* buy a crap ton of sushi. *money for Ninja royale"

To answer your other question about the "new world coming" its just exactly what it means lol....that there r no more new worlds right now and they are trying to make a new one and r slow getting a new world up. So were all stuck in the same world as u are.

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Re: Is stage 8 ever going to appear ?????

Post by RussellNg1980 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:05 pm

New world takes ages (months) to come up and you will finish it in 2 days then have to wait months again.

Don't worry bout the stage being locked. Has no meaning unless you can't get 300k points for the epic. Clearing stage 16 gives the rare suit, but getting 300k points and netting the epic gives the rare too. For now, enjoy killing super boss on stage 8 because once you reach stage 9, your success rate for killing the super boss in one turn drops.

The super boss is worth 2k points and do not need to rely on others like team battles so its worth having the stage locked. Just make use of the frenzy.

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Re: Is stage 8 ever going to appear ?????

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