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Doing something wrong?

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Doing something wrong?  Empty Doing something wrong?

Post by Rian79 on Tue May 07, 2013 8:47 am

Hey guys,

I joined a couple of days ago.

I'm at level 74. Thing is, when I battle, I see people at level 34 with way more clans and stronger weapons than I do.

Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss out on a way to get different clans? Because all I have is the original one I started off with? I know you get them by achieving events... but does that just mean someone went through their beginners event and left at level 34 but still managed to become strong as crap?

Another thing is, unfortunately, I've been playing just to play and didn't really get the fact that I was in an event being ranked or that I needed to gain points. (I didn't get a lot of things) Now I'm at a loss as to how to gain points. Every raid I run into will only get me 150 pts if I use all three turns and I never finish them off. I don't understand how to really get any points any more without paying for turns. Any tips?


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Doing something wrong?  Empty Re: Doing something wrong?

Post by ynot563 on Tue May 07, 2013 1:31 pm

Read up the forums buddy. There is a lot of information and tips on this site. The reason y that lvl 34 probably got more clans and is stronger cuz he probably dropped a lot of money on the game. It is a pay to play game, and the more u spend the less time it will take you to be a strong player.

The biggest mistake new players do, is that they think that lvls r a good indicator of how they should compare themselves to other players. That is completely wrong. Lvl does barely anything for your stats, it is the gear u should be looking at.

There is a "new to ninja royale section" plz browse through that section before asking for anymore tips. A lot of the strategies and tips r already posted on this forum.

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