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Free player worry cant get gold frame? Dont worry =d

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Free player worry cant get gold frame? Dont worry =d

Post by -j-t- on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:56 am

Hey all, this is my 1st gold frame after starting this game 50 days ago and i didn't spend a single penny on it!

15th Floor Wind (all arena items) A:160k D:160k sucks to be wind
15th Floor Water (not farming here due to high competitive) A:230k D:290k
00th Floor Fire (waste time) A:200k D:200k
10th Floor Thunder (also high competitive due to paradise parashu) A:250k D:200k
15th Floor Earth (farming spot) A:260k D:190k

Cleared 3 15th tower in 8 days and for thunder floor im throwing bonus rep in it. 4 round farm battle and bonus round go back to thunder and claim the 5th battle bonus reps.

Little dog killed: Cant count
Bad dog killed: 42
Big dog killed: 77
Top dog killed: 0

Items used:
5x cookie (claim reward)
2x sushi (newbie event reward)
3x attack aid (after i realize luck matters i stop using this)
7x def aid

Its regrettable that i used cookie and sushi since im in desperate mode after being thrown back from 39 to 52 after i woke up 2 hour before the event ends. So i had to use it to secure the 50th position. After leaderboard is up, i realize that even without sushi and cookie i can still manage in 50th. Well, victory loves preparation.

Mathematics division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.
Moderate gear (you have to go through few event to gear up yourself).
Time and even your bed time =).
Level around 100 - 400 (this can majorly effect your progress due to you can still battle the minimum levels to exchange for a single move of your exp).
Good friends to send and receive first aid.

Calculate, calculate and calculate your energy so you wont let a single energy wasted. To do so, memo pad, calculator and alarm is your best friend.

Battle, battle and battle. Don't waste your battle turn. For the 1st few days you can still find battle opponent easily. After being cleared, your effort now is needed. Search every single page and corner for a opponent. Repeat 3 times flipping those annoying page and treasure. If you still couldn't find 1 then you can give up or continue to flip page. Who knows you may find 1. For those who had 400 level and above you will find it much more difficult to find opponent since you need a minimum of 100 level which rarely came out. Mostly is 60 - 100. I still can find 150 - 220 level =D This is level can gave you 2 move or 1.5 move exp for level 300ish. So make sure you do so.

Bad dog kill it when you have frenzy, don't worry if lucky with crits and melee fight he can only eat you 30% hp but if unlucky, prepare for a 70%.

Big dog, frenzy is a must and def aid. Prepare a 70% hp to rape the dog! Use def aid when your hp is 50%. Attack aid are quite useless since its only boost a little damage on big dog. You have to relied on your crits and what a crits need? Luck nuff said. No luck no attack aid you lose/draw. No luck with attack aid you still lose/draw. With luck and with attack aid you win. With luck and without attack aid you still win. So lucks matter. In-game luck items is a boost but whats matter is your own d^mn life luck =D
This is my own big dog strategies, you can find another detailed in other threads.

Prepare for good an worst battle expectation.
Best encounter i had.. Every 1 - 2 move you get 1.
Good encounter.. Every 3 - 4 move.
Bad encounter.. 8 - 10 moves.
Worst encounter i ever had.. 99 energy 2 encounter (wtf?) and much more worst is 1 of the battle had a server error occurred so the points are invalid.

I guess thats all of my progress and advice.


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Re: Free player worry cant get gold frame? Dont worry =d

Post by lilonesan on Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:19 am

Good Job JT!!! Super happy for you!! <3

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Re: Free player worry cant get gold frame? Dont worry =d

Post by novalyx on Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:22 am

Good job JT, too bad it only works for newer players that can battle. As veterans that have learned the game, it's only achievable if we spend a little.


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Re: Free player worry cant get gold frame? Dont worry =d

Post by RussellNg1980 on Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:12 am

Also takes longer to regenerate for higher levels...

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Re: Free player worry cant get gold frame? Dont worry =d

Post by Sponsored content

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