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Event Tutorial

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Event Tutorial Empty Event Tutorial

Post by GameMasterMinus on Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:56 am

Hello! New to Ninja Royale and the events? This topic should be able to help you know better. (This is also a reply to kowalklasa's question)

Exclamation Crackdown Event
Arrow In this event,there will be a series of mission bosses encountering you randomly during your missions and raid bosses for you to attack.

Question How to you get points?
Arrow The are 3 different bosses that you would encounter,the Sub-boss,Mid-boss and the toughest of them all,the Super-boss.Each of them also gives different points and clouts based of their difficulty level,with the Sub-boss as the easiest and the Super-boss as the hardest.Especially,the Super-boss gives you additional points if you kill it within a certain time.There are also stages.When you get enough clout to advance to the next stage,you would encounter a stage boss,giving you about 1000 points on clearance and bonus points only if you kill in within a certain time.Now for the team battles known as "Rounds".At a fixed timing,you would be brought into a team of 20+ to gather up points to compete for the event-edge gear that could help you within this event.This rounds,last for 12 hours(if you start it right on time after the last one ended.If you start it late,you round will last with whatever remaining time it has left.There would also be a special raid boss.You,your team members AND the opposing team would fight the boss to get points.There would be a prize given automatically after attacking but if you want the big points,you gotta deal a good amount of damage.The three standings are MVP(Most Valueble Player),2nd Runner Up And,3rd Runner Up.MVP giving the most points and 3rd-runner up giving the least.If you didn't hit the chance of getting those 3 standings,you would still be able to claim the crackdown prize once the boss is dead and a supremacy reward.(Only if you have contributed to the current raid boss).This continues until the event ends!

Question How to claim your rewards?
1-Point Prize Gallery
Arrow Tap the leaderboard box(a box showing your ranking in he event at home) It would lead you to the event details and stuff.There would be a point prize gallery,each item requiring you to gather some points before you claim them! Gear,Zeny,Doryaki,Clan Suits,They are all in there!

2-Challenge Prizes
Arrow There are also available prizes in your challenges!If you completed a specific challenge;For example (Crack down on stage 10 boss!) you could be able to claim your reward by tapping on it!

Other event tutorials to come soon!PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG.

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Event Tutorial Empty Re: Event Tutorial

Post by kowalklasa on Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:04 am

Thanks You Smile


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Event Tutorial Empty Re: Event Tutorial

Post by hippo on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:45 am

Very good job of explaining the crackdown GameMasterMinus. Kudos.


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Event Tutorial Empty Re: Event Tutorial

Post by Sponsored content

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